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TD «Filit» was created in 2006, is a rapidly growing metal trading company, its aim is to integrated supply customers of electric-thin-walled tubes made of carbon and stainless steel and metal products in both rolls and cut into the tape. Our goal is to ensure that the needs of customers in the electric-welded pipes and metal within the agreed time, in full and good quality.

Production capacity and composition of the pipe-welding mills, as well as the tool stock of the Moscow Pipe Plant «Filit» has the ability to manufacture a wide assortment of pipes with diameter from 7,5 to 102 mm and wall thickness from 0,4 to 3,5 mm.

Organization of production of electric pipe manufacturing working tool for the newly developed grades of pipes takes from 3 to 6 months depending on the complexity of the tooling pipe welding mills.

Equipment slitting coiled metal can cut the ribbon width of 20 mm with wall thickness up to 4,0 mm.

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Теперь и трубы малых диаметров


ОАО МТЗ «Филит» освоил производство углеродистых труб малых диаметров ( 15; 16; 20; 22; 25мм.) со снятым внутренним гратом по европейским стандартам ЕRead more

Продажа некондиционных труб


предлагаем трубы некондиционные:

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Черный металлопрокат- у нас выгоднее!

Принимаем заказы на июнь по углродистому металлопрокату марок стали 08пс/10/3пс/09г2с/08ю по выгодным для Вас ценам!


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На склад поступили новые позиции по нержавеющему прокату

На сегодняшний день у нас стало возможным приобрести рулон/лист/ленту из наличия:

S30400/12Х18Н9 0,5х1000хлюбой 3,5 тн

S30400/12Х18Н9 1,5х1000хлюбой 5,0 тн

S30400/12Х18Н9 2,0х1250х... Read more

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